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Call Forwarding

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Three types of call forwarding can be set up on the My Phone Next Portal:

  1. Always – forwards all incoming calls to the destination you choose.
  2. When Busy – forwards all incoming calls to the destination you chose while the phone is in use or user is set to busy.
  3. When no answer – forwarding only occurs when you are away or not answering your phone.

Enable/Disable Call Forwarding

  1. From the My Phone Next Portal, click on the Call Settings menu option.
  2. Select Call Forwarding from your list of features. To enable, click on the toggle button to the right of the text. When it’s enabled, it will turn to color from gray-scale. To disable, click on the toggle button again, when disabled, it should change from color back to gray-scale.
  3. Select the Call Forwarding option you would like and input a valid number.
  4. Note: If selecting the “When no answer” option, you will be given a choice to select the number of rings before forwarding the call to the specified number.

  5. Click the Save button.

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