Voicemail Passcode

Voicemail Passcode


Voicemail passcode rules enhance the overall security of your voicemail by providing a set of rules to minimize access by unauthorized parties. These rules cannot be overridden for security reasons.
Users must select a passcode that follows defined rules. If the chosen passcode does not comply with the rules, it is rejected, and the user is prompted to select another passcode.

Voicemail Passcode Rules

The passcode rules are described below and apply each time users change their passcode. The length of the voicemail passcode must be between 4 and 8 digits.

Passcodes that meet the following criteria will be rejected and the user will be prompted to enter a new one.

  • Repeated Digits: Passcodes that have repeated digits are not allowed (for example 1111 or 2222).
  • Sequential Digits: Passcodes of more than 2 digits either ascending or descending will not be allowed (e.g. 1234 or 4321).
  • Repeated Sequences: Passcodes that have repeated sequences whether ascending or descending will not be allowed - (e.g. 234234 or 432432).
  • Extension Number: The user’s own extension number either as is or reversed will not be allowed.
    Note: Any portion of the passcode cannot be the user’s extension number (e.g. if the extension is 435 the user cannot set a passcode of 1435).
  • Voicemail passcodes cannot be previous passcodes nor the reversal of previous passcodes.

Passcode Aging

This rule starts a timer when users change their passcode. When the timer expires, users will receive system-generated voice prompts requesting that they select a new passcode before they are granted access to their Voice Portal.

Note: The user hears a system announcement: “Your Passcode is expired; please enter a new one now to get access to the Voice Portal. Please enter the new passcode, followed by # sign.” The user will be asked to confirm the new passcode.

Passcode Aging at the system level has been defined to ensure security and minimize the potential of access from authorized persons. It is set at 30 days and cannot be overridden.

Passcode Lockout

This feature locks out a user’s Voice Portal access after 5 unsuccessful login attempts in a row. This cannot be overridden. When locked out, a user Voice Portal account must be reset by the administrator through the admin portal. If the user tries to log in when the account is locked out, the user will hear the following system announcement: “Your voice portal access is locked out. Please contact your group administrator to reset the passcode. This operation cannot be completed at this time. Please hang up and try again later.”

Voicemail Passcode Reset – Administrator Portal

The administrator also has access to change voicemail passcodes through the admin portal. To change a voicemail passcode, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to the admin portal.
  2. Select the Users tab in the left-hand navigation.
  3. Locate the user for which the voicemail passcode is being changed then select the drop-down arrow on the Actions button.
  4. Then select Edit.
  5. Make sure the user’s User ID and E-Mail are input correctly and are valid.
  6. Click the Save button.
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  8. Within the same Users page, select the Actions button and select the Reset Password. The user will receive an e-mail containing the new password.
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