Creating a Contact Group

Creating a Contact Group


With UC-One Connect, you have access to your corporate directory, enabling you to reach key colleagues or anyone in your company from your mobile phone. UC-One Connect allows you to create Contact Groups. These might represent groups of Users you frequently contact. For example, you could create a group of contacts that represents people in a project team.

How to Create a Contact Group

  1. To create a contact Group, tap the menu on the top left.
  2. Then select Groups and then Add Group.
  3. Click image for large view
  4. Enter the name of the group, then tap Create.
  5. The contact Group will now appear on your Group’s list.

How to Add Participants to a Group

  1. To add a contact to a Group, tap the Group and tap Add to Group.
  2. Click image for large view
  3. Search the contacts in the search field and tap the contact to add to the group. Continue this step until all desired participants are in the Group.
  4. Click image for large view

    Please Note: Individual contacts can be a part of multiple Contact Groups.

  5. Once a Contact Group has been created, you can initiate Group Chat Sessions or make an announcement to the Group.