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Calling Features

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This section describes how to make and manage calls. Your current calls appear in the Call Console.

Call Pickup

The Call Pickup feature allows you to answer incoming calls that are ringing another user’s line or extension.

To answer a call:

  1. Expand your Group/Enterprise or Favorites directory, and then select a contact. The state of the call must be Ringing.
  2. Hover over the contact, and then click Answer.

The call appears as incoming in the Calls panel.

Group Call Park

Group Call Park allows you to find a temporary place for an active call.

Group Call Park searches within a predefined call queue or hunt group, for an available line to park a call. After the call is parked, a message is played back to you letting you know where the call is parked (on which line or extension).

To use the Group Call Park feature:

  • In the Calls panel, hover over an active or held call, and then click Park.

The call is parked on an available extension and removed from the Calls panel. If the call reaches the designated expiration timer before the call is answered, the call may be recalled to your device and reappear in your Calls panel.

To retrieve a Parked Call, the person retrieving the call must enter *88, followed by the extension where the call was parked.

Note: This feature is only available if your administrator has assigned it to you.

Call Barge-In

The Call barge-in feature allows you to interrupt a contact’s call. This is useful when you want to enter a call that’s already established between 2 people.

To perform a call barge-in:

  • Select a contact from the Group/Enterprise directory or Favorites directory, and then click Barge-In.

The call appears in the conference panel, and you’re part of a three-way conference call between you, the party you interrupted, and the party they were speaking with. From here, you can perform any conference operation on the call.

Note: This feature is only available if your administrator has assigned it to you.