Receptionist – Understanding Call Queues

Understanding Call Queues

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This section describes how to make and manage calls. Your current calls appear in the Call Console.

Call Queues

This feature allows you to manage calls in selected queues (up to five) and monitor them in real-time. You can manage queued calls using the Queued Calls pane.

Before you can begin managing queued calls, select the queues you want to monitor:

  1. From the Queued Calls pane, click the Options icon, and then click Edit Queue Favorite Dialog. The Edit Queue Favorites window opens.
  2. Select the Queues you want to monitor, and then click Save.

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As a receptionist, you can retrieve a call from the queue. For example, if you see an important customer waiting, you can retrieve the call directly from the queue.

  1. In the Queued Calls pane, move the cursor over a call, and then click Retrieve. After the call is retrieved, it will appear in the Calls panel and you can treat it like any other call.

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You can also arrange the calls in the queues to better view and prioritize each call.