Softphone app for desktop – Parking and Retrieving Calls

Parking and Retrieving Calls

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If you are on an active call, the Desktop application provides you with various methods to Park and Retrieve a call. You will have 30 seconds to retrieve a call that is parked or the call will ring back the person who placed the parked call.

Parking a Call

If you want to place a call on hold but retrieve it from another location in the office, you must first park the call.

Note: That parked calls will hear hold music while on an active call.

  1. Tap on the Call Park icon.
  2. Select Use my extension and enter the extension to park the call.
  3. Click on Park, you will hear a prompt that the call has been parked.
  4. Click image for large view

Tips And Shortcuts

You can also Park a call using a feature code (*) 68.

  1. While on an Active call.
  2. Place call on hold.
  3. Dial (*) 68 and the extension you wish to park the call against followed by the (#) sign.
  4. Press the Phone icon.
  5. You will hear a prompt that your call has been parked.

Retrieving a Parked Call

  1. On your keypad, dial (*) 88 followed by the extension that the call was parked (currently held) against.
  2. Press the (#) sign.
  3. Click on the Phone icon, this will retrieve the call from Park.